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  • Economy comes roaring back

    Almost 5 million Americans got a job in the month of June, marking the second straight month of economic recovery after our nation’s economy was ravaged by the after-effects of the [corona]virus. Sinc Read More

  • This is a Testing Time for All of Us

    A few weeks ago, The New York Times ran an article noting that with the U.S. preoccupied by the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and massive unemployment, “its competitors are moving Read More

  • Rule by Executive Order Must End in New York State

    “It would be chaos and mayhem. It’s totally opposite everything he’s been saying. I don’t think it is plausible. I don’t think it is legal.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said these words in late March. The coro Read More

  • U.S. leadership is being challenged

    We are living in a time when the limits of American power are being severely tested. Our adversaries are watching closely. They see us withdrawing from our longstanding leadership role. Eager to fill Read More

  • It’s Time for Accountability

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently wound down his daily COVID-19 briefings [the last regularly scheduled briefing was June 19]. At the end, he adopted a valedictory, mission-accomplished tone. He was thanking Read More

  • We All Have to Make This Work

    These are uncertain, divided times for our nation. Unemployment is at mind-boggling levels, a virus we still don’t fully understand is stifling the course of ordinary life, many businesses are struggl Read More

  • Our Comeback Story Starts Now

    No region of our state was spared from the economic devastation that followed the governor’s lockdowns and business closures in response to COVID-19. Family businesses that thrived for generations wer Read More

  • Talented and Dedicated Citizens are Reason for Hope

    Discouraging news surrounds us. It’s hard to hide from. It’s in the newspapers, on television and radio, and on the internet. Our nation is divided, and our politics are polarized. We are torn apart Read More

  • America’s job resurgence started in May

    [The May] employment numbers ( confirm that we have turned the corner on the virus economic disaster. More people are working, more people are in the work Read More