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  • Tax Commission Proposal to Freeze Property Taxes Is a Great Start

    Recently, the Tax Relief Commission led by former New York Gov. George Pataki and former Comptroller H. Carl McCall issued its recommendations to save New Yorkers $2 billion in taxes over the next thr Read More

  • Remembering the auto bailouts

    On Dec. 10, the U.S. Treasury Department sold off its last shares of General Motors’ stock (NYSE: GM). Both President Obama and the Treasury Secretary Jack Lew touted the company bailouts — Chrysler w Read More

  • New York Tax Reform and Fairness Commission Outlines Reforms

    It is widely understood that New York is a high-tax state. New York state citizens are acutely aware of this fact. It is hardly surprising then that the governor, being the politician that he is, has Read More

  • Wage Theft Act Reform is Needed

    The Business Council of New York State, Inc. is urging the New York Legislature to repeal the annual wage-notification provision of the Wage Theft Prevention Act. “The wage notification and acknowled Read More

  • Facts about Free Markets and Pope Francis

    Pope Francis tells us lately the free market is a wicked enemy. It must be restrained. He calls it a “new tyranny.” He insists the successes of free markets have “never been confirmed by the facts.” Read More

  • Heroes who build community

    “Heroes” in mythology are endowed with great courage and strength; they are celebrated for their bold exploits. “Heroes” can also be people who risk or sacrifice their lives. My heroes are those entre Read More

  • The Deceiver

    This no doubt happened to you at points in your life. My guess is that it left a bitter taste. Something similar is leaving that bitter taste with millions of Americans today. It happened to me when Read More

  • What Big Retail Chains Really Took

    If you look around our cities and towns, you have to know that big retail chains destroyed a way of life. Today you shop in malls instead of small stores — in supermarkets instead of corner groceries Read More

  • Give active military a tax break

    Our all-volunteer military is the most effective in the world because of the men and women who risk their lives every day to protect us. Their service is essential to our nation’s security, but it pla Read More