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Get Hacked So You Don't Get Hacked: Free Cybersecurity Consultation for CNYBJ Readers

By Secure Network Technologies




Antivirus, VPN, Endpoint Protection and More… With So Many Network Security Tools, Why Would You Need a Professional?

Because None of It Works (Every Time)

“It’s not a matter of if you’ll get hacked, but when.” – Kevin Conley, CEO & Managing Partner, Secure Network Technologies

Cybercriminals stole over $1 trillion in 2019 - far more profitable than the global illicit drug trade by almost $600 billion. Fortune Magazine reports that nearly 66% of businesses attacked by cybercriminals are not confident they’ll ever fully recover.

Recent experiments with existing endpoint protection, antivirus and other security technologies suggest that a motivated cybercriminal can bypass almost any conventional digital data protection protocol. With black-hat hackers earning over $1 trillion globally in 2019, cybersecurity investment by companies is weak by comparison at only $18 billion. Additionally, over 60% of companies hit by a cyberattack will have to deal with capital loss, class action lawsuits, total unrecoverable data loss and bankruptcy as a result. Now more than ever, it’s time to work with a professional team like Secure Network to get the penetration testing and security protocol that can save your business.

More than any other time in the technological era of business, it’s important to protect your business against cybercrime. Secure Network Technologies is a team of ethical hackers who learn how the bad guys do their dirty work so we can help businesses like yours prepare themselves for the worst. We’re offering a special FREE CONSULTATION to the readers of the CNY Business Journal. Call us today or visit the URL below to schedule your consultation and learn how having the right security team and advanced, professional response on your side will save you millions in damages and recovery.

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