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CNYBJ Data Center Lists

You may preview our data lists below, but full access to the CNYBJ Data Center lists is restricted to Individual Premium and Business Premium subscribers only.

Use the interface below to search for contact information and create custom spreadsheets for companies in CNYBJ Lists.
  • CNYBJ Premium subscribers may search to view contact information and other data in the database, or download contact info into Excel. You must be logged in to access your subscription.

  • Wild card searching: Use the % sign to indicate that you want all companies with a certain field populated. For example, if you want all companies that provided a company county address, populate the "County" search box with the % sign and click search. You could do a similar Wild Card search in the name field. Search for "Big%t" which would search for records that started with Big and had the letter "t" somewhere else in the name.

  • Most companies are listed by a single primary address in the region, not by each office.

  • When searching by category, checking the box labeled "Return records containing ANY of the above selected values" will return companies in any of the selected categories. Leaving the box unchecked will return only companies that are in all of the selected categories.

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