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CNY Tweets-July 22, 2019

By Journal Staff


Some recent tweets that came across the @cnybj Twitter feed, offering various small business, tech, HR, career, and personal tips.

Thinking about starting a #smallbusiness? We got you covered — 

Rural Development @usdaRD
Put these hot summer days to work for you! USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) can do just that by providing guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems:

Energy Department @ENERGY
JUST ANNOUNCED: New R&D funding to 103 small businesses across America, helping to advance innovations used in energy, nuclear nonproliferation, environmental management, particle physics, and more.

Whether you’re running an online business or expanding an existing brick and mortar online for the first time, using an e-commerce platform can take your sales, and your brand presence, to the next level. Here’s how:

Talkroute @Talkroute
How to Run Multiple Businesses from a Single Phone: #BusinessOwner #SmallBiz

MHR @mhr_solutions
Are you ready to wake up to digital transformation?

US EPA Research @EPAresearch
Have a novel technology idea to help restaurants, grocery stores, or households prevent food waste? Learn how our #EPAsbir funding can make this innovative tech idea a reality. Details:

PwC @PwC
How can #blockchain help transport & logistics companies? Read on in our 22nd Annual #CEOSurvey.

Sharlyn Lauby @sharlyn_lauby
Employees Need To Figure Out Their Workstyle - #HR Bartender #EmployeeEngagement #SHRM19

Mark C. Crowley @MarkCCrowley
The idea that internal competition drives greater performance isn’t actually true. So instead of pitting people on the same team against one another (for ranking/pay/status) focus them on a meaningful goal, unite them as a team, foster collaboration & watch results soar.

Dave Ulrich @dave_ulrich
We know a lot about leaders and leadership: why they matter (to increase stakeholder value), what they know and do (leadership code and brand), and how to be a better leader and build leadership. But are good leaders necessarily good bosses? 

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
Is your work meaningful? If you aren’t loving your job, this may be why! Get tips by @3PlusInt:

Scott Hamilton, CFP @HFPlan
The best places to own a home — and pay less in taxes. #Tips #PersonalFinance

Kathy Vogt @kvogt9212
A helpful list of 25 #Healthy eating #tips:

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