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CNY Tweets - January 7, 2019

By Journal Staff


Some recent tweets that came across the @cnybj Twitter feed, offering various small business, tech, HR, career, and personal tips.

SBA Atlantic (Region II) @SBAatlantic
If you’re a #veteran, our country wants to help YOU set up your #VetBiz for a successful 2019! Contact your local @SBAgov @SBAAtlantic district office to learn about the programs available for veterans, service members & military spouses:

Energy Department @ENERGY
New R&D funding available for American small businesses to advance tomorrow’s energy technologies. Read the details here: #SeedtheFuture @SBIRgov @DOESBIR @SBAgov

canspace @canspace_ca
Here are five tips for those of you just getting started with building your first business website. #smallbusiness #webdevelopment

TPx Partner Program @TPx_Partner
16 time-saving #tips for #IT leaders Check them out at @CIOonline

Cheryl Odorczyk @Codorczyk_HB
Breach of Health Systems Data: Managing and Mitigating Risks / Harris Beach, PLLC - Discover True Engagement:

Jude Read HR @JudeRead_HR
Getting the best out of a remote workforce. The Dos and Don’ts Managing a Remote Workforce - Part 1 #HR

HR Works, Inc. @HRWorksInc
Preparing for 2019, there are several notable updates to laws that will go into effect at the end of this year or beginning of next year #employers 

Mitch Mitchell @Mitch_M
How To Deal With #Management … #employees #leadership #communications

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
How Can I Get Ready For a Career Move in January? - 9 resume experts share their answers! by @TheNRWA feat. @VAFrancoResumes and more! #jobsearch

James Shomar @JamesShomar
I’m so thankful for having #mentors I can count on when I get stuck. Few things are as valuable in your #career. The flip side is when we’re in a good place, we each have a responsibility to be the mentor for someone else when they get stuck #payitforward @UVConnect @Start_Fast

Melody Davis @mrdphd
Remember that #social #anxiety takes many forms and this short article details how to overcome it with 6 #tips to use now.

Lark Doley @TI_IntlPres
Has your mind ever gone blank in the middle of a speech or presentation? Have you frozen onstage like a deer in headlights? You’re not alone! Learn 12 recovery tactics for the next time your train of thought is derailed.

Study At IÉSEG @StudyatIESEG
The Scientific Reason Why Being A Morning Person Will Make You More Successful @garnettl … via @Inc

Salama Winston Salem @SalamaChiroWS
If you have to stand up a lot at your job, remember this chiropractic tip: shift your weight from your toes to your heels, or one foot to the other, to distribute pressure and prevent pain. #chiropractic #health #tips

PetMania @Glue_PetMania
5 things you should definitely consider before getting a puppy for you. Head here to know more> 

Not To Do @not_to_do_list
Do not forget to tip the delivery person well!



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