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CNY Tweets - January 14, 2019

By Journal Staff


Some recent tweets that came across the @cnybj Twitter feed, offering various customer service, social media, tech, HR, career, and personal tips.

Nell McCormack Abom @nellabom
Retailers, if you want folks to visit bricks-and-mortar stores, please teach sales associates to #smile and know your merchandise! Thank you. 

Mower Agency @MowerAgency
Creating Goodwill from a Potentially Serious Incident: How Saying You’re Sorry Changes Everything. Our Sean Casey reflects on how a personal experience drove reiterated this point. #MowerInsight

Amanda Ricks @amandamricks
Let’s be honest. If you can’t find time to say thanks when someone shares your content, they’ll think you either don’t care, aren’t real, or rude. Remember It’s called #Social media for a reason.

Lisa Marcyes @lisa_marcyes
How to Increase Social Media Engagement: A Guide for Marketers @hootsuite #socialmedia

My Social Media Tips @MySocialTips
In #socialmedia, small is the new big. A small audience who actually pays attention is way more valuable than a mass following that doesn’t. As organic reach declines and platforms crack down on fake engagement (finally), your follower number is increasingly meaningless.

Whitman School at SU @WhitmanatSU
A once-traditional industry, #supermarkets are changing and #Kroger is leading the charge in today’s news. The grocer teamed up with #Microsoft to create digital signage for prices, video ads and coupons to help shoppers check off their grocery lists.

Sam Khoury @Hussamkhoury
Hyundai’s Elevate Concept Uses Legs and Wheels to Go Anywhere #tech #entrepreneur #digital #wired

Innovation Tutors @innovationtutor
The Hiring Mistake That Would Kill Your Company’s Innovation Culture - … - Yoram Solomon 

Nadiya Manir @optimizebc
Why Do Employees Quit on Their Bosses? Because of 5 Common Reasons Still Not Addressed, Says New Research

Hyde Park Angels @hydeparkangels
It can be hard to cut ties with a longtime team member, but it’s necessary to do what’s best for the business. Here’s how to manage the issue, according to @johnrampton for @Entrepreneur: #startup #startups #founder #HR

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
The Skills Companies Need Most in 2019 – And How to Learn Them. These are the skills your boss and your boss’s boss find most valuable, but have a hard time finding according to @LinkedIn

Erin Kennedy @ErinKennedyCPRW
Making a career change is terrifying. But as long as you carefully show companies your transferable skills, you’ll see that landing a job in a new field is a definite possibility. 

Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal
25 Excellent Pieces of Advice That Most People Ignore @LollyDaskal #Leadership #Management #HR

Salama Lawndale @SalamaChiroLD
If you’re experiencing back pain, stop doing sit-ups! Yoga offers many lower intensity exercise routines that can help you develop a strong core without the strain. #health #tips




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