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CNY Tweets-February 17, 2020

By Journal Staff


Here are some recent tweets that came across the @cnybj Twitter feed, offering various small business, digital, HR, and career tips.

IRS Small Biz @IRSsmallbiz
#NEW: Downloadable assistant helps small businesses withhold the right amount of income tax: #IRS

Problem: Your #smallbusiness is creditworthy but doesn’t qualify for conventional financing. Solution: SBA-backed loans! Find out how you can get $500 to $5.5 million to fund your business through SBA loan programs.

Strategic Watch @Strategic_Watch
How to Achieve Peak Performance as An Entrepreneur

SBA Atlantic (Region II) @SBAatlantic
@SBAgov ‘s popular Money Smart for Small Business curriculum updated with two new modules focused on banking & credit via @NJBIA:

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
12 Easy Digital Housekeeping Steps

Netcom Technologies @netcomtech
A step by step guide on how to increase your privacy online and clean up your cookies --

Rebekah Radice @RebekahRadice
5 #SocialMedia Marketing Tactics That’ll Improve Your Conversion Rate

  1. Differentiate Your Personal Brand
  2. Answer The “What’s In It For Me?” Question
  3. Get Creative
  4. Use Content to Educate
  5. Respond!

Alyssa Hernandez | High on HR @highonhr
Seasonal Depression affects approximately 10 million US adults and employees who are suffering may begin to display patterns of tardiness or absenteeism, cyclical declines in performance, and a decrease in engagement:

The Bonadio Group @bonadiogroup
Understanding how to combat one of the growing challenges in #recruiting and retaining quality employees is crucial to any successful business. Learn how you can become the employer of choice and overcome the #staffingcrisis.

Mark C. Crowley @MarkCCrowley
Stacked Against The Job Seeker: The reason many people never hear back after applying for a job, says @MeghanMBiro is that many Orgs use talent-management software to screen resumes, & typically weed 50% of applicants before a human even looks at a resume or cover letter.

Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal
NEW: How the Best Leaders Manage Up Effectively

Small Business Trends @smallbiztrends
Did you know that 30% of gig workers are aged 55 or older? Here are some other interesting #gigeconomy stats.

Sharlyn Lauby @sharlyn_lauby
Generalist or Specialist — Which Should I Become - Ask #HR Bartender #Careers #Recruiting

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
Networking: You Aren’t Doing It Right - see what Derek Coburn of @cadredc recommends

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