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CNY Tweets - August 19, 2019

By Journal Staff


Some recent tweets that came across the @cnybj Twitter feed, offering various small business, tech, leadership, HR, and career tips.

8 Ways to Find Your First #Customers — (link: 

Small Business Expo @SmallBizExpo
If You Love Doing Something, Chances Are That Other People Do, Too. Here’s How to Start an Experience-Based Business: (link: 

Alexandra Beauregard @productivityzne
Color code these 5 things in your business so your job as a business owner is funner, easier, and way less stressful!! — (link: #smallbiz #solopreneur

ezClocker @ezClocker
Digital Marketing: a Beginners Guide for Small Business: (link: 

Mitch Mitchell @Mitch_M
Bootstrap Business: How to Start a YouTube Channel That Makes You Money (link: … via @MikeSchiemer

#ICYMI: #SmallBiz is a “juicy target” for online phishing scams, according to @nfib_mo member Joe Balsarotti. Learn how to keep your business safe:

NNI @NNInanonews
Current models of #wearable human-machine interfaces can be bulky and uncomfortable. Researchers have now discovered an ultra-thin wearable electronic device that allows the wearer to move naturally. (link: (Work funded by @NSF)

Tech Insider @techinsider
If you want your battery to have the longest life possible, be sure to always keep your phone at room temperature.

Kerry Alison Wekelo @kerrywekelo
“Successful leaders fully utilize the varying assets, personalities, and ages of their employees to facilitate individual and corporate well-being.” #HR #leadershipcoach

workplaceON @workplaceON
Why basic kindness is still a leaders greatest asset: (link: 

Mark C. Crowley @MarkCCrowley
US News looked at the resumés of the top 100 Fortune 500 CEOs & found most only have an undergraduate degree. Only a third earned an MBA, & only a handful from a prestigious school. The findings suggest #leadership #success requires much more than intellectual smarts.

Ahmed Osman @AhmedOs34074895
Managing Turnover: 8 Tips for Keeping Your Best Talent #HR #turnover #talentoptimization (link:

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
Key Criteria for Choosing Your Next Job and Career - by @VAFrancoResumes #career #jobsearch (link: 

Work Coach Cafe @WorkCoachCafe
For a successful #JobSearch and #Career: 10 Ways to Gain More Confidence in Your Work by Pritam Nagrale via @Addictd2Success — (link: 

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