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Central New York Conservancy rebrands as GreenUtica

By Traci DeLore (


UTICA, N.Y. — The Central New York Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that has worked since 2002 to preserve and beautify Utica’s Olmstead-designed parks for 20 years, has a new name and a new brand.

Its new name, GreenUtica, reflects the organization’s renewed focus on “greening” Utica’s parks and natural environment to enhance quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors.

The Central New York Conservancy is now GreenUtica. Founded in 2002, the organization works to preserve and beautify Utica’s parks. (Photo courtesy of GreenUtica)

“Utica’s tree canopy is one of the glories of the city,” GreenUtica Executive Director Gina Pearce said in a press release. “Trees clean our air and reduce carbon dioxide. Parks promote physical activity, reduce stress, and strengthen communities. The name GreenUtica demonstrates our dedication to improving the parks and our environment and reflects our commitment to the city of Utica and the people who call it home.”

As part of its rebranding, GreenUtica unveiled a new mobile-first website,, that features user-friendly navigation that allows people to easily explore Utica’s park system. The site’s features include a searchable “things to do” section including all the city’s parks and information about their natural environment and history.

“Utica is evolving,” she said. “Changing our name to GreenUtica is our way of evolving with the city. We look forward to finding creative ways to enhance the quality of life for all within our community and to our continued partnership with the city of Utica to achieve this goal.”

The new brand logo includes an image of a tree from roots to crown. It honors the deep roots and rich history of Utica’s parks while acknowledging the importance of Utica’s tree canopy and the connection parks have to the community, Pearce explained.

“I’m excited that GreenUtica now has a name that reflects its enduring and invaluable commitment to the city of Utica,” Mayor Robert M. Palmieri said. “GreenUtica has been an essential element in achieving and sustaining our goal of having one of the best urban park systems in America. We’re blessed to have been gifted with awesome parks and tremendous partners that make those parks shine bright throughout the city of Utica. Thank you GreenUtica for putting Utica in your name and for all you do to help make Utica the best little city in America.”