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A healthy workplace: The key to a successful reopening

By Excellus BlueCross BlueShield



How to get employees back to work safely during COVID-19

As our economy continues to restart and companies resume in-person operations, employee health is a top concern for business leaders across the state. At Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, we know how difficult it can be. To help, we put together this guide with tips on ensuring a smooth transition for your staff – and your company.

Understand employee concerns
All employees are facing challenges that reflect their individual situations. It’s important to understand their concerns and offer support when possible. Common issues include:

  • Child care and schooling conflicts
  • Anxiety about personal health and that of their families
  • Financial pressures from lost wages
  • Concerns about other household members’ employment status

All this pressure causes stress that can affect workplace efficiency and your company’s bottom line. By being flexible and helping your team overcome challenges, you can strengthen your organization. 

Continue to encourage good self-care
Stay ahead of potential health problems in your workplace by giving employees opportunities and reassurance to do things that can contribute to their health, including:

  • Stretching, taking walks and eating healthy food
  • Getting enough sleep so they can stay focused
  • Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations on hand-washing and cleaning work areas
  • Staying optimistic and sharing positive stories
  • Taking time off to recharge

Whatever you do to encourage good self-care, make sure you practice it yourself. By offering a positive example and engaging employees in their health and wellness, you can ensure they’re at their best.

Help workers reconnect with their doctors
Some people have been reluctant to seek in-person care because of anxiety about the pandemic. Help them reconnect with doctors by checking with your company’s health insurance provider to ensure employees have access to telehealth or digital health management tools.

By enabling your staff to receive medical or behavioral health care from the comfort of their home and at a time that works for them, you can protect the health of your workplace and reduce the stress of seeking medical attention in the current climate.

Work together to make health a priority
Help your employees through this difficult time by looking to trusted sources like the CDC and your local and state government for recommendations and best practices. You can also use free resources like the ReStart NY toolkit from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield to access helpful content, including printable posters, guidance on disinfecting your office and information on what to do if employees are exposed to COVID-19.

By keeping everyone informed and addressing the concerns of your workforce, you can provide your team the support they need to stay safe as they return to work. So, remember to stay focused on health, and if your workers have access to valuable benefits like telehealth and digital health management tools, consider encouraging their use. Most importantly, make sure your team knows that you are all in this together and you’ll get through it as a team.