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WellNow Urgent Care starts in-vehicle check-in process in response to the coronavirus pandemic

By Eric Reinhardt (


WellNow Urgent Care says it has started an in-vehicle, check in process as a “precautionary measure” in response to concerns about the ongoing spread of the coronavirus. (Photo provided by WellNow Urgent Care)

WellNow Urgent Care — which has offices in Central New York and across the upstate New York region — has started a new in-vehicle check in process in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective immediately, patients will be asked to complete an in-vehicle check-in process before being allowed to enter a WellNow Urgent Care facility. This new procedure is a “precautionary measure” to help reduce the spread of the virus, per WellNow.

“WellNow Urgent Care continues to analyze and evaluate our procedures during this pandemic to help ensure the health and safety of our patients and providers,” Dr. John Radford, president of WellNow Urgent Care, said in a statement. “Using an in-vehicle triaging process allows our providers to evaluate and make real-time decisions on patients whose symptoms may be consistent with COVID-19 — helping us reduce the transmission of illness. So far, it’s being very well received by both our staff and communities.”

As part of the procedure, all WellNow facilities have a sign on the doors noting triage instructions.

Prior to entering the facility, patients are required to answer two questions: Are you experiencing fever, cough or shortness of breath? Have you had potential exposure to someone confirmed positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Patients that answer “yes” to either question are instructed to use their mobile devices to scan the QR code or type in the URL on the sign to complete check-in and then wait in their vehicle for a text with further instructions on entering the facility.

The process will help foster clear communication between patients and staff. Patients having difficulty checking in online may call the facility directly to be checked in over the phone while they wait in their vehicle.

Only those patients that answer “no” to both questions may check-in inside the facility.

All WellNow locations provide treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, such as sprains, strains, colds and the flu, while also providing on-site X-rays, lab testing, and physicals. Patients are treated on a walk-in basis but may also check-in online or view up-to-date facility wait times directly on the company’s homepage, it said.

WellNow Urgent Care operates more than 40 locations across New York and Illinois. The company projects to open 20 new facilities in 2020 across the two states.


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