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Upstate Medical formally opens Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence

By Eric Reinhardt


Post-doctoral biochemistry student Rebecca Oot looks at kidney cells on one of the high-resolution microscopes in the new Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence, which is located inside Upstate Medical University’s Weiskotten Hall. (Photo credit: Upstate Medical University website)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Upstate Medical University and Leica Microsystems, Inc. have collaborated to create what they’re calling the Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence.

Wetzlar, Germany–based Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures, according to its website.

The new center will support efforts to “drive new discoveries and insights” from scientific research performed using imaging systems.

Upstate Medical held a formal-opening event on Thursday afternoon in Weiskotten Hall.

The new center includes confocal and widefield microscopy technology for super-resolution imaging at the cell surface, allowing researchers to “capture images and video of the cellular and molecular processes of life,” Upstate Medical said in a news release.

“SUNY Upstate Medical University and Leica Microsystems have partnered together to establish the Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence in order to expand Upstate’s missions in biomedical research and education. The center will provide expertise from Leica on current and future developments in imaging technology that will lead to new discoveries,” Mark Schmitt, interim VP for research at Upstate Medical, said in the release.

Researchers from across the Upstate campus will be able to use the technology, Schmitt noted. Having a Leica Center of Excellence at Upstate will allow researchers to take their work one step further, he added.

“This gives us unparalleled resolution in terms of visualizing the inside of cells,” said Schmitt. “It puts us at the forefront in terms of research because it can’t be done in many places; there are only a few of these centers of excellence.”

The collaboration will have “great benefits” for Upstate and its research, Greg Eppink, general manager of microscopy at Leica Microsystems Americas, said in the Upstate release.

“With this agreement, we’re enabling researchers at SUNY Upstate to push beyond boundaries of what can be visualized and quantified and fulfilling Leica Microsystems’ mission to provide unrivaled insight for our customers,” said Eppink. “We look forward to continuing this exciting alliance for years to come…it’s an honor to serve the future of scientific research in collaboration with this top-tier institution.”

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