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They Don’t Want to Know You

By Tom Morgan


If you do not live in a “swing state,” the candidates for the White House don’t want to know you.

I guess that is a bit harsh. They do want your money. For their campaign war chests. But more than that? Fugettaboutit.

They will not be running their campaign commercials in your state. They will not plaster your newspaper with big ads. They may visit your state. Not to win your vote. More to win your contribution. Or, to speak at an event that will draw media attention in a swing state.

You may get to see some of their commercials. But that will be by way of websites that show you swing-state ads. Some of the nightly news shows will show you the latest ads the candidates are running. Of course, running only in swing states.

Meanwhile, some of the messages they deliver may not resonate with you. This is because they are not crafted with your vote in mind. They are crafted for swing-state voters.

Except for the fundraising, the candidates’ efforts are for the swing-state voters. And only for them. The president could take up residence in some “Republican” states like Louisiana and Kentucky. Romney could shake the hand of every voter in some “Democrat” states like Vermont and Delaware. But they would still never win these states in the election.

So, why bother? Truth is, they don’t. They don’t when they speak to the nation at the party conventions. They don’t when they speak to the country in the televised debates. It is as if there are 50 people in the audience and they see only 12.

All their strategies, all their plans have one simple goal: to win votes in the dozen or so swing states. 

Now, congressional races are a different matter. If your Senator or Congressman is in a close race, you will see and hear lots of advertising. You may see ads from national groups trying to give these candidates a push or a karate chop. 

As for visits from President Obama and Governor Romney? If you are in a non-swing state, visits are not too likely. Except in the early stages when they come cap in hand. Which is why the president has dropped into New York City so often. He will never face a shortage of Big Apple or Empire State votes. But the Big Apple is where the big bucks are located.

It is a curious situation. The candidates have to sound as if they are speaking to you. They are not. They have to sound as if they want to address your concerns. They don’t. Unless your concerns are the same as the concerns of voters in the swing states.

You will see these guys hoisting mugs of beer in this campaign. Trying to convince voters they are just regular guys like your pals at your favorite bar. When it seems as if they are saying “This Bud’s for you,” it ain’t. If you want it to be, you will have to move —  to a swing state like Ohio or Virginia.

From in Morgan.       


Tom Morgan writes about financial and other subjects from his home near Oneonta, in addition to his radio shows and new TV show. For more information about him, visit his website at 


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