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Ask the Expert: The Importance of Employee Morale

By Becky Enck
Digital Marketing Specialist

One of my favorite parts of my job is keeping employees excited to work at Usherwood. While many in my position will have morale efforts waved away as "the fun stuff" or "fluff" and are likely the first to be chopped when it comes to budgeting in some companies, we have found that it is an integral part of making our employee's day a little brighter.

During my 11 years at Usherwood, 9 of those years, we have been named one of the Best Places to Work in Central New York. A significant factor for those numbers was our efforts for employee morale. Employees spend most of their day at the office, so making it as comfortable and fun as possible is imperative. Studies have found that 65% of employees' motivation is improved when their efforts are recognized. A simple shout-out could be all it takes to improve the quality of someone's work life.

A Warm Welcome For New Hires

We like to make a good impression on our new hires and set them up for success. When a new employee starts at Usherwood, there's a backpack full of Usherwood swag, as we call it, to thank them for choosing to join our team. They also receive a credit amount to use in our company apparel store and top it off at the beginning of each new year.

Each of our employees comes with a unique background. From their career path to their interests and family life, they all have a story to tell. By sending out a new employee welcome email, it allows other team members to learn about them and helps build relationships.

Celebrating Milestones

Sharing our people's achievements and milestones is one thing that we find extremely valuable. Almost every day, employees will receive an email congratulating a team member on their work anniversary, wishing them a happy birthday, a promotion or position change, or when someone passes one of their certifications. Recognizing those accomplishments internally and externally is an excellent way for employees to interact with each other and celebrate as a team. We strive to encourage this more than ever as we grow throughout the Northeast.

While the weekly announcements make a difference, holding events and activities throughout the year as a thank-you for all their hard work also significantly boosts morale. From happy hours, trivia nights, holiday parties, employee-of-the-year awards, and more, we do what we can to bring everyone together as a family and encourage camaraderie.

Let Employees Know Their Efforts Matter

When we're looking at budgeting year to year, our employee initiatives will always be a top priority. We are continuously investing in our team's well-being. It creates a better environment, boosts productivity, and helps with retention. Whether we're planning an all-company event or wishing someone a happy one-year work anniversary, it makes a difference in helping our team feel valued and that their hard work and dedication are what makes our company so successful.