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OPINION: The Corrupt Reign of King Cuomo is Over at Last

By Claudia Tenney


The corrupt reign of King Cuomo is over at last, but the fight for justice and accountability is just beginning. Investigations into [Gov. Andrew] Cuomo’s abuse of power, corruption, and criminal misconduct must continue [even after his resignation.] 

Cuomo should be immediately prosecuted, not just for sexual harassment and assault, but also for his deadly nursing-home policies and subsequent cover up. Every principled district attorney in the state with a conscience must now prove to New Yorkers that there is not a two-tiered justice system in this state. Albany’s political ruling class must finally be held to the same standards as the rest of us. 

Those who aided and abetted Cuomo over these many years must also answer for their crimes and corruption. Cuomo’s criminal operation was not a one-man show. His actions were made possible by the support of his corrupt cronies and the acquiescence of elected and appointed leaders around him. They should all be held accountable. 

Now is an opportunity for our great state — the Empire State — to look to the future and rebuild after more than a decade of Cuomo’s failed leadership. Over 1 million New Yorkers fled this majestic state under Cuomo. New York’s budget ballooned by nearly 60 percent and taxes, fees, and regulations on families, small businesses, and farms skyrocketed. Cuomo centralized unprecedented power in Albany. He weaponized state agencies against his political opponents and used economic-development funds as his own personal war chest. Without the country’s most corrupt and abusive governor at the helm of our state, today marks a new chapter for New York.        

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R–New Hartford), 60, represents the 22nd Congressional District of New York in the U.S. House of Representatives. The district encompasses all of Oneida, Madison, Chenango, and Cortland counties, most of Broome County, and portions of Herkimer, Oswego, and Tioga counties. This article is drawn from a statement that Tenney issued on Aug. 10, in response to Gov. Cuomo’s announced resignation from office.

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