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Thank you for turning to CNYBJ during this crisis

By Marny Nesher


The Central New York Business Journal, a family-owned small business, has been publishing for 34 years. During that time, the business community in our region has never faced a challenge like the COVID-19 pandemic and the recovery from it.

While business activity in this era of social distancing is much lower than before, even as regional reopening has begun, the need for business news is more urgent than ever.

The demand for information to help businesses navigate this crisis and comeback is growing. We can say that with confidence because we see it in our recent audience analytics.

• At the beginning of the statewide shutdown, we temporarily transitioned to exclusively digital delivery. Since then, we have been emailing the Digital Edition of the Central New York Business Journal (the publication you are reading right now) to an average of 17,800 recipients each week. That represents an increase of more than 2,000 recipients per week over the period prior to mid-March.

• Not only have we been sending out more emails, but a growing percentage of them are being opened. Since March 15, the open rate for weekly Digital Edition emails has jumped from 12 percent to 17 percent.

• Our daily Coffee Break and Daily News Alert emails have also shown gains. The open rates for both, which were already well above Constant Contact’s industry averages, increased over two percentage points since mid-March. Those two email publications combined are now opened by recipients over 16,000 times each week.

• The average number of unique users visiting our website ( every day has increased 6 percent since March 15. Daily advertising impressions — the average number of times an ad on our web pages is viewed each day — have climbed 103 percent during the same period.

The entire staff at the Central New York Business Journal is grateful that you have turned to us as your business-news source in these uncertain times. Thank you.

If the content we provide is valuable to you, there are ways you can access more of it and help us to continue making it available.

The best way to stay connected to news and information about the Central New York business community is a subscription that provides a full year of unlimited access to our website and archives and a free copy of the annual Book of Lists, along with the weekly edition. You can subscribe on our website at

We also offer a number of email publications free of charge. Coffee Break is a news roundup from New York State, the nation, and the world every morning. Daily News Alerts provides local breaking news from our CNYBJ staff every afternoon. BizEventz News & Updates are news and updates on our business events happening in Central New York. Healthcare Provider E-Newsletter is written for and sent directly to health-care providers in the region every other month. You can sign up for any of these free email alerts at:

Our goal before the pandemic was to serve the Central New York business community through news, advertising opportunities, events, and data delivered across a variety of platforms. We continue to do so now and will keep doing it long after the current crisis has passed. In good times and in bad, we appreciate you being a member of our growing audience and we are proud to be here for you.      

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