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Stevens Office Interiors and parent company rebrand as Intivity

By Adam Rombel


DeWITT, N.Y. — Stevens Office Interiors of DeWitt, which was acquired by a Rochester–area company nearly two years ago, is finally getting a new name.

FM Office Express Inc., a full-service office furniture and supplies company that acquired Stevens for an undisclosed sum on March 31, 2018, announced that it and all of its subsidiaries are operating under a new brand name: Intivity. The name went into effect on Jan. 3.

“Intivity is an invented name that unites elements of our industry and brand and represents what we do and how we do it,” Fabricio Morales, CEO of FM Office Express, said in a statement. “We create interiors, innovation and inspiration, and we promote creativity, connectivity and productivity in our associates and our clients.”

The rebranding is changing all corporate materials including websites, account statements, marketing materials, buildings, and vehicles to Initivity. The company contends “there will be no change for the customer other than greater clarity.”

Until now, FM Office Express has operated across New York state under a number of different names. In the Rochester area, it has been known as FM Office Products and Merkel Donohue. In the Syracuse region, it has operated as Stevens Office Interiors. In Albany, the firm has done business as Merkel Donohue. And in New York City, it has operated under the corporate name as FM Office Express.

Stevens Office Interiors started operations in 1956 and was bought by Thomas Maugeri and Patrick Lewis in November 2000. They ran the business for more than 17 years until selling it to FM Office Express.

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