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Space Apps Challenge set for SU’s Warehouse

By Rick Seltzer


SYRACUSE — A student-run brainstorming session at the Syracuse University (SU) Warehouse in downtown Syracuse this weekend will examine problems from NASA.

The session is part of the International Space Apps Challenge, a program designed to encourage scientists and citizens to work on new solutions to globally significant problems. It is open to any SU student and will look at problem sets from NASA that include the livelihood of astronauts in space and the needs and development of different civilizations on Earth.

The brainstorming session, which is also known as a charrette, will stretch across two days. It is being coordinated by Katy Jeremko, an SU junior.

“I became involved in organizing the charrette when I was asked to form a focus group of motivated students to collaborate and ponder the Space Apps Challenges,” Jeremko said in a news release. “I chose this to be the opportunity to propose a design charrette, which we are accustomed to here at The Warehouse, giving students freedom to think, trust, and give credibility to every idea.”

A video completion of the charrette’s findings will be sent to NASA. More information on the International Space Apps Challenge is available at

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