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Southern Tier Audiology moves to new office in Elmira

By Eric Reinhardt (


Southern Tier Audiology says it has moved to a new office location at 446 E. Water St. in Elmira. (Photo credit: Southern Tier Audiology)

ELMIRA, N.Y. — Southern Tier Audiology of Elmira announced it has moved to a new office in the Chemung County city.

The new office location at 446 E Water St. is a renovated, stand-alone building and the former home of Sheahan Podiatry Associates. Southern Tier Audiology previously operated at 301 William St. in Elmira.

The business provides services including audiological evaluations, hearing-aid fittings, wellness screening, tinnitus counseling, as well as an introduction to brain hearing.

The move was made necessary by Southern Tier Audiology’s growth stemming from the “increased need” for audiology services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Suzette Pace, owner and audiologist at Southern Tier Audiology, said in a release.

“We now have a team of three hearing professionals and two administrative professionals to meet the needs of our patients,” said Pace. “The fact is that many of us have been isolated and communicating more frequently with our loved ones. As such, we can observe their hearing loss and compensatory behaviors and, for some, the degree of impact of that hearing loss can be alarming. That’s when they call us.”

Additionally, the physical distancing and face masks that are used to help prevent community spread of the virus outside of the home have made communication more challenging, especially for those with hearing loss. Face coverings lower the volume of a person’s voice, muffle speech clarity, and make it impossible to read lips and facial expressions — common compensatory behaviors for hearing loss.

“Where it gets troubling is that as their hearing deteriorates, people with hearing loss can begin self-isolating,” Dr. Amanda Levy, audiologist, said. “Many withdraw from social activities rather than deal with the exhaustion and frustration that comes with struggling to follow conversations and constantly asking people to repeat themselves. Over time, they communicate less and less with their family and friends.”

Southern Tier Audiology says it has served the communities both within and surrounding Chemung County for more than 25 years.