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Schumer: Verizon will raze building, clean up Camillus property

CAMILLUS, N.Y. — Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) will “level and clean up the property” at 1 Green St. in the village of Camillus.

The office of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D–N.Y.) announced Verizon’s intentions in a news release issued Monday afternoon.

During a visit to the site on Aug. 17, Schumer called the vacant building an “eyesore” and said the neighboring residents were “fed up” with the current state of the site. Neighboring residents had been concerned about the abandoned, one-story property for the last 20 years, the Democrat’s office said.


“The news that Verizon will be leveling this long-abandoned building and cleaning up the site, paving the way for possible future use, is an indication that Camillus residents have finally had their voices heard,” Schumer said in the news release. “Local residents work hard to maintain their properties. So it is welcome news that Verizon is doing the right thing by cleaning up the poor condition of this property. I will continue to work with both Verizon and local officials as this project moves forward.”

BJNN on Aug. 17 contacted Verizon for comment on the matter, and a Verizon spokesman provided the following statement: “We received Senator Schumer’s inquiry and after looking into the matter informed his office that we will be working through the Village of Camillus to resolve it.”

BJNN sought further comment from Verizon based on Schumer’s Monday news release, but the company indicated it had nothing further to add.

The phone company used the building originally as a switching station and later for storage, both Schumer and a neighbor said in a response to an inquiry from BJNN during the Democrat’s Aug. 17 visit to Camillus.

The senator’s office said Verizon had been given “more than 12 notices and follow-ups” of violations citing the “poor condition and maintenance” of the property.

Verizon had been cited for failing to mow the grass at the property; not attending to the wood trim that is rotting or the door paint that is peeling; and overall “poor condition and maintenance,” according to Schumer’s news release.

The Village of Camillus has the option to bring Verizon to court over the numerous code violations, but has not yet decided to do so, Schumer’s office said.


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