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Rekord Structures expands in Binghamton area after acquisition

By Traci DeLore (



BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Rekord Structures, LLC purchased the Eureka! military and commercial tents product lines from Johnson Outdoors, Inc. earlier this year as it works to expand its operations in the greater Binghamton area and U.S.

Formed in Poland more than 25 years ago, Rekord has focused on engineering and structural manufacturing of various structures including long-term tension membrane structures. Eventually, that focus turned to the commercial and military markets, says Yuliia Nevmerzhytska, Rekord’s business-development manager.

The business grew across Europe and the company eventually turned its sights on the U.S. market, she says. To overcome the stumbling block of the U.S. Department of Defense requiring products manufactured in America, Rekord Structures began looking for manufacturing partners in the U.S., Nevmerzhytska says. That led to the company opening a U.S. location in Washington, Georgia.

Now Rekord is looking to grow its U.S. operations. Along the way, the company encountered Eureka!, which manufactures military, commercial, and camping tents, including in the greater Binghamton region. 

“It turns out their produce line was so much more impressive,” Nevmerzhytska says.

While initial purchase offers were rebuffed, Rekord Structures eventually struck a deal with Johnson Outdoors to purchase the commercial and military lines, while Johnson Outdoors continues to produce Eureka! camping tents.

According to a press release from Johnson Outdoors, the $13.7 million deal closed on March 17 of this year. The sale does not include the Eureka! name. Rekord renamed the Binghamton business as InTENTional Systems.

The acquisition is huge in terms of growth for Rekord Structures, Nevmerzhytska says. “It pretty much doubled our catalog,” adding at least 40 new products to Rekord’s offerings.

While Rekord Structures focused on larger, more long-term structures, the InTENTional military products include small tents for one to four people and quick-deployment structures to its other offerings which include large-scale tents, aviation hangars, and base life-support systems. These base life-support structures are fully operational base camps that can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 20,000 people. Rekord can fully customize, deliver, and install a base camp complete with kitchen, laundry, bathroom, electric, and HVAC systems.

The former InTENTional commercial line includes large tents such as wedding canopies and pole tents.

While the Department of Defense and its primary vendors make up a large percentage of Rekord’s customers, Nevmerzhytska says the company is excited to expand the commercial offerings. 

Rekord Structures employs 70 people in Binghamton, including 15 people hired since the acquisition, and is still hiring.

With about 400,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space in Binghamton, Nevmerzhytska says the company is already looking for an additional facility in the area to give it room to expand. Rekord would like to double its space, she says, including a larger yard area for items that can be stored outside.

Over the next three years, the company hopes to double its U.S. business, and aims to do that by expanding toward the Central U.S. and west coast, Nevmerzhytska says.

“It’s been harder to operate in that area without facilities,” she says. Rekord does have a small warehouse in Texas.

Founded in 1998, Rekord Structures has more than 1,300 employees worldwide and four offices in the U.S.

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