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Oswego developer used National Grid grants for work on two projects

Creative Developments of Oswego Inc. used a $25,000 economic-development grant from National Grid’s Main Street Revitalization program for work on the property at 161 W. First St. in Oswego. (Photo credit: National Grid)

OSWEGO, N.Y. — National Grid (NYSE: NGG) says it awarded an Oswego developer two economic-development grants totaling $50,000 to support its work on two projects that are part of the Oswego Community Development plan.

Creative Developments of Oswego Inc. used $25,000 for each project. The funding comes from National Grid’s Main Street Revitalization program. The program helps pay for projects in small- to medium-sized urban centers and main-street corridors that “possess unrealized potential.”

Creative Developments of Oswego recently completed work at 161 W. First St. on the Oswego River’s west bank. The second project is at 75 E. Bridge St. across the river. Both projects are on the Route 104 corridor.


Construction began at 161 W. First St. prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which stalled work due to labor shortages and “skyrocketing supply costs,” per the National Grid announcement.

The builder completed a total renovation of this property, replacing all windows, plumbing, electrical, walls, floors and ceilings. New heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems were installed. Creative Development also replaced the roof assembly along with entire front façade. All three commercial spaces have been leased, two of which are occupied by new businesses. The businesses include Riverwalk Coffee Roasters.

“My goal has always been to restore underutilized, existing buildings that reflect the historical perspective of our community,” Warren Shaw, president of Creative Development of Oswego, said in a statement. “Restoration is difficult at best and the whole COVID situation made this even more challenging. National Grid has been instrumental in their support of these projects as well as a pleasure to work with. I greatly appreciate the professionalism of their staff as well as their commitment to helping our city be a better place to live.”

The developer acquired the 6,000-square-foot former restaurant at 75 E. Bridge St., which has sat vacant for six years. In the renovation effort, 3,600 square feet was devoted to commercial space with the remainder for residential units. The installed replacements include new soffits, building fascia, bricks, and windows. In addition, the dining and kitchen areas downstairs were restored with hopes of leasing the property as a restaurant, National Grid said.

“Supporting the renewal of existing properties ignites economic and civic growth,” Alberto Bianchetti, regional director of customer and community engagement at National Grid, said. “Creative Developments’ work in the city of Oswego didn’t just restore buildings that will house new or growing businesses, it improves the aesthetics of the neighborhood and gives the people who work and live in this area another reason to be proud.”


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