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  • What to do About the Upstate Economy?

    A few weeks ago, the governor proposed what he is dubbing the Tax-Free NY Program.  Understanding that his success as governor greatly depends on whether he can provide the leadership to help turn aro Read More

  • Hey Upstate New York: Embrace Failure

    I’m not a big fan of gossip. I just look at it as a big waste of time. Even though I’m not that interested, I’m not oblivious to the fact that it drives discussion among many people. Most of the time, Read More

  • Color my pork purple

    Mix red and blue colors and you get a purple byproduct. The same thing happened when Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue) in Congress offered up their latest versions of the farm bill. The last far Read More

  • What Happened to Common Sense?

    I recently read an article in USA Today that described the deteriorating quality of job candidates as millennials begin to enter the workforce. The problems outlined ranged from a candidate bringing h Read More

  • Budget Misses Opportunity to Move State Ahead

    The 2013-14 New York State budget passed with total spending at $141.2 billion. Overall, we missed our opportunity to create a better state and left things status quo. We missed the chance to make our Read More

  • Setting Priorities

    The world is in turmoil. North Korea is rattling its nuclear sword more than usual. The Iranians are speeding up their drive to develop nuclear weapons as the major world powers engage in endless mon Read More

  • Aristocrats in Charge

    Have you ever noticed you are governed by a ruling class? This is an elite group. You might liken them to the aristocrats of olde England. The lords and ladies and sirs and muckamucks. These are folks Read More

  • Will Your HR Department Withstand a Government Audit?

    Woody Allen once quipped “confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.” The 10 words sum up what many businesses, including middle-market and small companies, are starting to feel a Read More

  • Myths and marriage

    Robin Hood is a heroic, English outlaw known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. He and his merry band of rogues discomfited the unscrupulous sheriff of Nottinghamshire, who had disposse Read More