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Onondaga County’s coronavirus case count rises to 81 from 60

By Eric Reinhardt (


Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon on Wednesday spoke during the daily coronavirus briefing held at the Oncenter. (Eric Reinhardt / CNYBJ)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The number of positive cases of coronavirus in Onondaga County jumped to 81 on Wednesday from 60 the day before.

Of the cases, 10 are in the hospital and three are in critical condition. One person died Tuesday. The county says more than 248 people are under mandatory isolation and quarantine.

County officials are warning the community that the number of cases and people in quarantine is likely to rise and are urging residents to heed public-health warnings about social distancing and travel.

“I’m getting to the point of frustration with certain parts of our community now,” Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon said during his remarks at the Wednesday coronavirus briefing at the Oncenter.

The current Onondaga County positive-case figure includes 73 individual cases with eight contacts, according to McMahon.

“What a contact is … that is someone we’ve put under quarantine, and once you’re under a quarantine situation, there’s a higher probability that you will test positive for COVID-19 because you’ve had direct contact with someone,” McMahon explained. So he is urging those in quarantine to follow orders, stay home, and stay in touch with the county health department.

He went to say that 41 percent of the positive cases are under age 40, and the county executive isn’t happy about that statistic.

“We really need people in the demographic to really reflect on their behavior, and their behavior may not just be … I went to spring break. I kept my vacation with all my buddies and we went out skiing. Your travel patterns matter,” McMahon said. “We know we live in Central New York. We know that there are hot spots in New York state that are as hot and burning hot with infection [as] anywhere else in the world. And yet, we continue to see people traveling to New York City and back and forth. That is a risk to this community and we need everybody to do better.”

McMahon also broke down the cases by their locations (the comparison from Tuesday is in parentheses).


Syracuse – 27 (up 9)

Salina – 9 (up 1)

Clay – 9 (up 1)

Cicero – 6 (up 1)

Onondaga – 5 (up 1)

Camillus – 5 (up 1)

Manlius – 5 (up 2)

Skaneateles – 3

Lysander – 3 (up 1)

Pompey – 4 (up 1)

DeWitt – 1

Geddes – 1

LaFayette –1

Spafford – 1

Van Buren – 1


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