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New York Air Brake leasing space to NYC firm establishing operations in Watertown

By Eric Reinhardt (


New York Air Brake LLC of Watertown says it is leasing space to Convalt Energy Inc. of New York City as it establishes operations in Watertown. Convalt in February announced plans to build a solar-panel manufacturing plant at the proposed business park near Watertown International Airport. (Photo credit: New York Air Brake website)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. — New York Air Brake LLC (NYAB) of Watertown announced it is leasing space to a New York City–based firm that plans to build a solar-panel manufacturing plant at the proposed business park near Watertown International Airport.

Convalt Energy Inc., a renewable-energy company, currently occupies warehouse and “limited” manufacturing operations on Starbuck Avenue in Watertown, near the NYAB campus, per the company’s announcement.

The one-year agreement includes office space in the historic building known as the “Powerhouse” on NYAB’s Starbuck Avenue campus. Convalt will also have access to the high-voltage switch station that supplies power to the current NYAB site. Both have been part of NYAB’s operations for decades.

“As a long-term Watertown employer, it’s important to ensure a growing business community by helping another firm establish its roots in the area,” Ulisses Camilo, NYAB president and CEO, said in a statement. “Watertown and Jefferson County are good places to live and work. This area has been our home for over 130 years and we are pleased to lend our support to Convalt as they establish a firm footing in the area.”

Camilo noted that the arrangement involves a secondary, unused property on NYAB’s campus and has no impact on its current operations. Convalt will retain its headquarters and engineering center, as well as all primary manufacturing and warehouse space at 748 Starbuck Ave.

“As we explored options for our initial phase of operations in Watertown, we approached NYAB with the proposal to lease space and energy,” Hari Achuthan, president and CEO of Convalt Energy, said. “The team at NYAB has made us feel welcome and was highly collaborative every step of the way. They’re a good neighbor and we appreciate the cooperation we’ve received. We are looking forward to working together with NYAB on sustainable projects.”

Headquartered in Watertown, New York Air Brake is a member of Munich, Germany–based Knorr-Bremse. NYAB develops and supplies air brake-control systems and components, electronically controlled braking systems, foundation brakes, training simulators and train handling systems, and wayside equipment to the rail industry.

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