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Microdrones signs up international distributors

By Eric Reinhardt


Firm seeks to expand its reach     

The Microdrones flight operations team prepares the mdLidar3000 for a demonstration. (PHOTO CREDIT: MICRODRONES)

ROME — Microdrones, a Germany–based firm with an office at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, N.Y. in July announced distributor agreements with companies in Brazil, Israel, and Spain. 

Measure, a technological-solutions provider headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has announced it is now offering Microdrones surveying equipment and support for aircraft inspections sold in all of Brazil.

BDiverse of Israel, a supply chain improvement and entrepreneurial consulting firm, says it will be supplying Microdrones surveying equipment throughout Israel, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf.

Drone Prix SL of Madrid, Spain — a company specializing in sales, distribution, education, and pilot training for drones — is now offering Microdrones as a Service (mdaaS)

Measure, BDiverse, and Drone Prix SL join a Microdrones distributor network that totaled about 40 as of late July, Bret Burghdurf, marketing director at Microdrones, tells CNYBJ in a July 17 interview.

“One of the things [these distributor agreements do] is help increase our footprint, both regionally and globally, so that we can work with different distributors who have access to maybe a more diverse line of customers,” says Burghdurf.

Microdrones USA, which is located at 625 Bomber Drive in Rome, has seven employees. The firm employs about 250 total globally, according to Burghdurf. 

Microdrones has its main facility in Siegen, Germany, and also operates locations in Canada, France, and China, in addition to its Mohawk Valley site, he adds.

Microdrones says it resulted from the collaboration between the German inventor of the world’s first commercial quadcopter and a “determined” surveying payload and software developer in North America.

They created a global aerial-mapping technology company that delivers mapping systems specifically developed for the surveying, mining, construction, oil and gas, and precision agriculture industries.

About Measure 

Measure specializes in the topography industry, offering advanced geospatial-data technologies for conventional topography, laser scanning, UAV surveying, and portable laser profiling. UAV is short for unmanned aerial vehicle, or what is also referred to as a drone.

Ederson Vogel, commercial director at Measure, anticipates “strong demand” for the drone-surveying products that Microdrones offers in the mining, construction, railway, and agriculture sectors. 

“After conducting our research, we determined the Microdrones Integrated Systems offered the best solution in terms of productivity, safety and quality,” Vogel said in a Microdrones news release. “We’ve already begun to conduct online presentations and telephone inquiries for Microdrones. We’re confident that our technical expertise and market knowledge will leverage sales and service work for the Microdrones product.”

“Sometimes, the distributor has already built the relationship with the customer, so if they uncover a need for drone-surveying equipment, now they can look to add the Microdrones integrated systems right into their toolbox,” Burghdurf tells CNYBJ.

Measure is now offering Microdrones integrated systems, described as “complete” mapping products composed of survey equipment and data-processing modules “fully adapted” to that survey equipment. 

About BDiverse

BDiverse focuses on supply chain, logistics, and infrastructure, where it anticipates that the Microdrones technology will help its customers.

Boaz Gilad, co-CEO at BDiverse, contends that the use of drones will improve the “efficiency, productivity, safety and final deliverables for its customers.”

“We’ll be glad to show [customers] the benefits of using Microdrones for surveying and mapping. Using drones can reduce dramatically the conventional construction and operational processes costs creating more efficient workflows for our customers,” he says.

BDiverse says it is offering Microdrones integrated systems that include “everything a commercial user needs to get started” using drones for surveying and mapping, including the UAV, the sensors, and the software and hardware.

BDiverse can help promote business interests and create partnerships with relevant bodies in Israel and abroad. The firm says its background in logistics, supply chain management, and advanced-technology systems helps connect stakeholders and investors in both the private and government sectors.

About Drone Prix SL

Drone Prix SL primarily serves the drone sector in Spain, authorized by AESA-Ministerio de Fomento, the national aviation authority for Spain. 

In addition to offering drone-training programs, educational courses, and flight instructions, Drone Prix provides specialized consulting for professional work with RPAS, or remotely piloted aircraft systems.

“I think the combination of hardware, software and support within one single service, as is the case with mdaaS, will allow for and facilitate the integration of UAV technology in companies,” David Garcia, founder and CEO of Drone Prix SL, said about the Microdrones system. “This is both in terms of business management and processes such as data gathering, processing and decision making.”      

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