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Liberty Resources to use two state grants to expand services

By Eric Reinhardt


Liberty Resources, a Syracuse–based health and human-services agency, will use state grant funding for supportive housing in Onondaga and Madison counties for adults with mental illness. The agency will use a second state grant to expand therapeutic mental-health services for children. (PHOTO CREDIT: Liberty Resources)

SYRACUSE — Liberty Resources, a Syracuse–based health and human-services agency, will use two state grants to expand its services. 

The funding targets its therapeutic mental-health services for children and supportive housing for individuals with mental ill ness and/or substance-use disorders, Liberty Resources announced.

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) awarded the grant funding. Liberty Resources didn’t disclose how much money it is receiving from the state.

Supportive housing

The grant award for supportive housing will help provide scattered site supportive housing for adults with serious mental illness across Onondaga and Madison counties. 

Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative (ESSHI) is funding the grant, Liberty Resources said.

The ESSHI program operates under the guidance of the ESSHI Interagency Workgroup, which is comprised of representatives from several state agencies including OMH.

The main objective of this program is to provide assistance that enables individuals to remain permanently housed in the community with long-term positive housing and health outcomes. The program will “support the greatest possible level of client independence and self-sufficiency, promote an integrated and seamless continuum of care while maximizing client engagement,” Liberty Resources said. 

The model will offer customized services to increase the availability of safe and affordable housing options; ensure the provision of community supports needed for each client; and “meaningfully” integrate them into their communities. 

Children’s mental health

The OMH award for expanded children’s behavioral health services will allow the Liberty Resources health-care center to provide therapeutic mental-health services to 500 additional children. The center is located at 1045 James St. in Syracuse. 

The expansion will help address the “significant” shortage of mental-health services available for children in Syracuse and surrounding areas, Liberty Resources said. Liberty’s established family health center, integrated care coordination, and on-site Genoa Pharmacy will provide access to health care and support services that will address the “whole” health needs of both the children served and their families.

“These awards will allow our agency to bring much needed support to some of the most vulnerable in Central New York,” Carl Coyle, CEO of Liberty Resources, said in a news release. “We are excited to implement our integrated care model in each of these programs...”

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