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Greater Utica Chamber calls for “complete investigation” of Moreland Commission

By Journal Staff


UTICA, N.Y. — The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce board of directors announced today that it recently passed a resolution calling for a “complete investigation” of the state’s Moreland Commission and “full transparency from the Cuomo Administration.”

The chamber adopted the measure on Aug. 12.

The Greater Utica Chamber’s statement today reads as follows:

“The Moreland Commission was established to investigate public corruption in 2013.

The Cuomo Administration has been accused of pressuring the commission to drop subpoenas to companies whose affiliates financially supported Cuomo’s campaign.

The commission was urged to stay clear of the committee, which amassed $17 million in revenue from individuals, which were unidentified, who supported Governor Cuomo early in his term with multiple TV advertisements.

The interference led to the members considering resigning from the committee.

The messy unraveling of the Moreland Commission has given residents in New York less faith in government.

The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce supports an independent commission be established to investigate the actions of the Moreland Commission and complete transparency from the Cuomo Administration.”

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