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Federal funding to help Port of Oswego Authority make repairs to Oswego Harbor

By Eric Reinhardt


The Port of Oswego Authority will use nearly $18 million in federal funding for repairs to Oswego Harbor, the office of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D–N.Y.) announced Jan. 6. (PHOTO CREDIT: PORT OF OSWEGO AUTHORITY WEBSITE)

OSWEGO — The Port of Oswego Authority will use a federal grant of nearly $18 million to help pay for the completion of repairs to Oswego Harbor’s west break wall. 

“Significant” repairs are needed on deteriorated sections of the west break wall, the office of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D–N.Y.) announced Jan. 6. 

The west arrowhead breakwater protects the harbor’s primary channel, which allows for safe navigation between Oswego Harbor and Lake Ontario.

The $17.9 million in federal funding is part of the recently passed $1.7 trillion federal-budget package for fiscal year 2023. 

“This is vital to the port’s expanding business, local farmers and the many [businesses] that depend on the port,” William Scriber, executive director and CEO of the Port of Oswego Authority, said. “As we close out a record setting year in 2022 with the most tonnage in over two decades, this project is an investment in continued business and job growth in Central New York.” 

Schumer explained that Oswego Harbor is the only commercial harbor in New York state on Lake Ontario. It has four operating businesses that use the harbor in addition to two marinas that are integral to Central New York’s agriculture and manufacturing sectors. 

Waterborne transportation that the harbor facilitates supports $24.4 million in business revenue; 119 direct, indirect, and induced jobs; and $8 million in labor income for the transportation sector, per Schumer’s office. 

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