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EFC awards $3M no-interest loan for expansion of Sauquoit Creek Pump Station

By Journal Staff


SAUQUOIT — The New York State Environmental Facilities Corp. (EFC) board has approved a $3 million short-term, interest-free loan for complete engineering services in the design and permitting phase of the Sauquoit Creek pump-station expansion and the installation of a new pressurized main pump.

This is part of a multi-year, multi-phase improvement project undertaken by Oneida County to resolve overflows of sewage into the Mohawk River, according to a news release from the EFC.

The project will design and permit increased sewage capacity at the Sauquoit Creek pump station from 15 million gallons per day to 35 million gallons, reducing wet-weather overflows caused by deficiencies in the pump station and the infiltration of water in other parts of the collection system, the EFC said.

These improvements, along with other phases in the overall project, will eventually increase the area’s sewer capacity for the anticipated growth centered around the proposed Marcy Nano Project.

“The Marcy Nanocenter is a priority for Gov. Cuomo and the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council and every state agency and authority relevant to this project is doing what it can to make this project a reality. This no-interest loan from EFC is another contribution from New York State toward this larger goal,” EFC President and CEO Matthew Driscoll said in the release.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr. said, “This is another step in a partnership between Oneida County and the State of New York with the primary goal of making the Marcy Nano Project and all economic development a success.”

With its proximity to high-tech and semiconductor clusters, secure water and energy sources, a quality work force, three major highways, regional airports, and major U.S. and international markets, the Marcy Nanocenter is positioned to attract semiconductor manufacturing and create jobs in the area, the state contends.

Mohawk Valley EDGE was awarded a pair of $5 million grants to assist in the Marcy Interceptor Sewer Upgrade and Marcy NanoCenter Loop Road projects. The Marcy Interceptor Sewer Upgrade project will establish sufficient wastewater capacity for future tenants of the NanoCenter site, as well as the Computer Chip Commercialization Center (Quad C) to be constructed on the SUNY IT campus, according to the EFC.

The Marcy NanoCenter Loop Road will create 8,800 feet of two lane, heavy duty industrial access road, which will also include a bikeway, storm-water swales, a utility corridor and lighting to provide loop access to all future tenants of the Marcy NanoCenter site, according to the EFC.

A total of 15 municipalities make up the Oneida County Sewer District, which together own and operate a total of 220 miles of collection sewers within their municipal boundaries.

Nine of the 15 municipalities that comprise the Oneida County Sewer District are tributary to the Sauquoit Creek pump station. The design and permitting and eventual expansion of the pump station and main pump will reduce the sanitary sewer overflows, which have been caused by the excessive inflow and infiltration within the municipal collection systems, ultimately reducing the risk that untreated wastewater will be discharged into the Mohawk River, the EFC noted.

Oneida County previously received $25.8 million in financing from the EFC to complete various engineering evaluations, along with the design and construction of initial sanitary-sewer rehabilitation projects.

The design phase of this project is expected to start in April, the EFC said.


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