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DUMAC draws up expansion, growth plans

By Journal Staff


DeWITT –– DUMAC Business Systems, Inc. — a company that distributes point-of-sale (POS) systems, and develops inventory and corporate-reporting software — is planning and executing a series of growth initiatives.

Last year, DUMAC’s annual revenue spiked 50 percent from 2010 levels, and the business-systems provider added 22 employees, according to DUMAC officials. That brought the 60-year-old firm’s total to 104 workers. 

DUMAC has clearly come a long way from 1952, when William McCarthy and Hugh Duskee began it as a two-person startup.

The company is now owned by William’s sons, Howard McCarthy and David McCarthy, his grandson Phillip McCarthy, and Shaun O’Brien, a DUMAC employee since 1990.

DUMAC’s products and services span three different vertical markets including the independent grocery market, quick-service restaurants, and table-service restaurants.

In addition to being a dealer for POS hardware manufacturers such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, IBM, and NCR, DUMAC is also a developer of its own software. DUMAC SBOnet (Smart Back Office) is a web-based inventory and reporting software application, says Howard McCarthy, CEO and chairman of DUMAC.

SBOnet provides inventory tracking for thousands of quick-service restaurants across the country, as well as near-real-time reporting of sales, labor, and food costs. McCarthy says the software also integrates an application named “staff scheduler,” which is specially designed for labor scheduling for the quick-service clients. SBOnet is available on the Apple Inc. App Store.

He says SBOnet’s market share is growing every month.

“That’s a very rapidly growing part of our business,” McCarthy says.

In addition to developing SBOnet software and distributing hardware that runs POS systems, DUMAC also provides installation service and training to its clients.

“We train them how to use it,” says Shaun O’Brien, president and COO of DUMAC. “In a quick-service restaurant somewhere around the country, if someone purchases a new system, we would send a team of people to do the installation and then a team of people to do the training and do a stand-by for them when they go live with the system.”

McCarthy says one of the key factors behind DUMAC’s success is the quality of service it provides. He says the firm offers 24/7 support in customer service. He says the company also has a number of user-group meetings, where it meets with clients regularly and gets feedback from them.

“Our service to the customers and our support is separating us from all the other companies, which is why we’ve grown so fast,” says McCarthy.

Consumers encounter DUMAC distributed products in the check-out line at supermarkets, and the front counter at fast-food restaurants. DUMAC provides the touch-screens and computerized cash registers to quick-service restaurants nationwide such as Wendy’s, Arby’s, Popeyes, and KFC. The company also provides order-entry devices to table-service restaurants in New York State, including local eateries such as Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub & Restaurant, Lemon Grass, and The Inn Between Restaurant. Clients also include independent grocery stores from northwestern Pennsylvania to Maine. Locally, Nojaim Bros Super Market, Nichol’s Supermarket, and Struppler’s Supermarket are DUMAC customers, using its scanners, electronic scales, and credit-card terminals.

DUMAC also sells closed-circuit television systems to its clients.

McCarthy says the multi-tasking company now has clients in almost every state in the U.S., and recently started providing service to customers in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Canada, and Aruba. He says the company expects to continue expanding internationally this year.


HQ project

Last October, the fast-growing DUMAC began remodeling the inside of its headquarters, located at 19 Corporate Circle in the town of DeWitt, to accommodate the growth in staff. DUMAC also took over 6,000 square feet of vacant space in the 26,000-square-foot building it owns, and has added a museum in its lobby.

“Based on the history of the company, we have a long heritage of equipment that we worked on over the years,” says O’Brien, “and we have created a museum of sorts with all of that legacy equipment and the history of equipment that’s gone through the ages, including equipment that has been reconditioned and repaired by Will McCarthy years ago, and on up through equipment that’s been refurbished today to display in our lobby.”

The historical equipment on display includes old cash registers, credit-card terminals, scanners, and scanner scales. The museum will also showcase newer devices such as  today’s cutting-edge POS systems.

O’Brien says DUMAC staff is handling the headquarters remodeling, and the team is putting finishing touches on it now. The museum will be completed prior to the company’s open house in late summer, which will be a part of DUMAC’s 60th anniversary celebration.

O’Brien says DUMAC expects continued growth this year. He couldn’t provide a specific revenue projection for 2012.

“We will be continuing to expand this year,” he says, “and we will be adding staff this year as needed.” He says the company is looking for support analysts and installation technicians, for both its headquarters in DeWitt and its branch office in Houston, TX.

O’Brien says DUMAC also plans to open its second branch office in Massachusetts this fall, and expand the company’s professional and educational services.  

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