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CNY Tweets - March 11, 2019

By Journal Staff


Some recent tweets that came across the @cnybj Twitter feed, offering various small business, HR, career, financial, and personal tips.

#Small business owners, how do your workplace safety policies measure up? Review your safety policies —

Labor laws are complicated, and the more that apply, the harder it is for #smallbiz owners to make sure they are compliant. We have a resource that can help: …

Small Biz Connection @sbizconnection
The three MOST important steps to getting a small business loan:

Jolee Coulter @joleecoulter
“Culture is not about how many staff parties you have. Culture is about how the company DOES things.” This is great — it’s the day-to-day stuff that makes a difference. Decision-making, communication, people strategy = culture! 

Dave Ulrich @dave_ulrich
“The greatest leaders build organizations that, in the end, don’t need them.” — Jim Collins

Ben Erickson ADP @AdpBen
Most full-time employees would like schedules that are similar to contractors. Check this out to see how this approach can increase engagement. #EmployeeEngagement #HR

PeopleSenseErp @PeopleSenseErp
#HR recruiting is tough. Here’s how to ease the strain with 6 critical benefits of effective talent development and detailed, easy-to-follow steps that help you plan, execute, and adjust your strategy for maximum success

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
72% of surveyed US workers anticipate video will play a role in their future job search. Learn more in @Monster 2019 State of the Candidate Survey |

Metro Fitness Club @GetMetroFit
Even a busy business owner like Chedy Hampson of TCG Players takes time to invest in his health and well-being. Chedy is an excellent example of discipline, dedication, and as his personal trainer Frank would say, commitment. Make time for yourself…

Bonadio Group @bonadiogroup
Our experts recommend reviewing your #estate plan regularly to determine if you can adjust your #exemptions. #bonadio

Clay Sanford @Sanford_IRS
Use the #IRS online locator to find a free tax preparation site near you. #VITA #TCE

Sven @SvenRoyalChef
Kitchen #Tips for #HealthyEating - Freeze Your Blueberries - Their antioxidant properties are heavily concentrated in their skins and the ice crystals that form on the skin during the freezing process actually helps make the antioxidants more available to your body

Integrative Medicine for Alzheimer’s @integrative_s
#Tips If you have memory problems you may forget where things are kept. Put pictures or signs on cupboards and drawers so you know what’s inside them; put a picture on the door of the restroom; it’s also helpful to have towels & tissue with colors that contrast to the walls.

Lori Pedigo @lpedigo14
25 healthy eating #tips:

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