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CNY Tweets - December 24, 2018

By Journal Staff


Some recent tweets that came across the @cnybj Twitter feed, offering various small business, tech, marketing, HR, career, and personal tips.

Are you thinking about business ownership in 2019? Take the first step and connect with your local #Veterans Business Outreach Center — #VetBiz

Bank of America News @BofA_News
Rising revenues and economic confidence boost #smallbiz, while competition for talent intensifies. Learn more:

Shadeed Q. Eleazer @mrshadeed
Have you ever witnessed a business relationship between friends completely tear the friendship apart? There are a few key details to know....or you will fail miserably & damage real friendships in the process. Get the keys below: @ScoreMentors

SBA Atlantic (Region II) @SBAatlantic
Many household names were previous National Small Business Week award winners including @Chobani, @CallawayGolf and @pacificabeauty. Are you the next household name? #SmallBusinessWeek

Andrea Hardiman @chattoandrea
#Marketing is the interface between your #business and your customers. Done well, it can add value, inspire, increase customer loyalty and lifetime value

EliFB @Eli_FB87
Get your #SEO under control! #socialmedia #marketing

Arm Treasure Data @TreasureData
Report from @forbesinsights confirms that to better understand customers, companies need to dive deep in the customer data from all sources. via @martechtoday

C-suite Branding @MegGuiseppi
Tips To Beat Ageism in Executive Job Search If You’re Over 50 w/ @anneloehr @NancyCollamer @JacobShare @HardyTiffany @MarshaWarner … via @MegGuiseppi #ExecutiveJobSearch #ageism

Hannah Morgan @careersherpa
In LinkedIn’s “Career Interests” section you can add a note, but what do you say? Note to Recruiters on LinkedIn: What, Why, and How for Job Seekers by @JobscanCo #LinkedIn #jobseekers

Mitch Mitchell @Mitch_M
We’re All In Control Of Our Destinies … #motivation #positivity #inspiration #leadership

Logan Sweet @LoganSweet369
New York State cider and winemakers are really leading the way when it comes to hybrid productions. In the #FingerLakes, for example, where apples and grapes both thrive, it’s not uncommon to find a cider co-fermented with Riesling or Gewürztraminer. |

LexisNexis @LexisNexis
Stop using these words in your legal writing:

Clay Sanford @Sanford_IRS
In 2019 your 401(k) contribution limit goes up to $19,000. Get details from #IRS on this raised limit:

Vellastar Business Support @VellastarS
Ever faced burnout? It’s so easy to just power through your day just in order to get things done, I know because I’m guilty of it but it’s just not productive. Make sure you schedule time for breaks, morning and afternoon in addition to lunch to keep yourself on track!



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