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CNY Point of Sale: A small business advocating for small businesses

By Paul Brooks


CNY Point of Sale Owner Jonathan Milton. (PHOTO CREDIT: SBDC and CNY Point of Sale)

In 2015, Cortland became home to the technology development company called CNY Point of Sale (Catch Clients LLC). Jonathan Milton, CEO and chief technical officer, is no stranger to the small-business lifestyle. So, it should come as no surprise that he would be familiar with the many needs of small-business owners. In fact, he has spent years developing a knowledge base and a passion for small businesses that he now uses to serve his customer base.

A graduate of the University of Miami Business School, Milton proved his passion for small business early on when he founded the Miami Business School Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club. Before graduating from the university in 2004, Jonathan was presented the opportunity to open a restaurant in Miami called ‘The Sake Club’ with a few classmates. The experience of starting, owning, and operating a restaurant from scratch with little to no experience was invaluable.

Unfortunately, partly due to his inexperience at the time, the restaurant eventually closed. Devastated, Milton vowed never to repeat his past mistakes. He has spent over a decade gaining the experience necessary to make sure other businesses have the tools they need to succeed and thrive. Jonathan relates his empathy often, saying “at CNY Point of Sale, we know that running a small business is a lot of work. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping small businesses prosper through effective technology solutions. We love connecting great businesspeople with great technology. With years of experience in point of sale systems, website management, customer relationship management, digital signage, and credit card processing we’re confident that we can help bring small businesses to a new level.”

Every startup needs guidance to succeed. That’s why Milton brought his own startup to the next level by reaching out to the Onondaga Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in 2017. After completing the “SBDC Fast Track to Business Start-Up” course Jonathan stayed in contact with me. Having continuous business advisement helped him concentrate on making connections, business planning, and presentations. Jonathan’s continuing education eventually enabled him to place second in the 2018 Cortland County Pitch Competition.

Cortland Corset Building. (PHOTO CREDIT: SBDC and CNY Point of Sale)

Milton has said that he started to work with a local small-business advisor because “starting a technology-based business in upstate New York is challenging, especially during product development. The SBDC has been able to connect us with the right information and contacts regarding grants, business plan competitions, and legal counsel, as well as general feedback and guidance. In a relatively small town, I’m not sure who else I could turn to get this level of advice.”

At CNY Point of Sale, providing customers with the most up-to-date technology is a number one priority. The business is currently conducting a beta test on its latest software app, partially funded by its Cortland County Business Competition winnings. Customers will be able to use the app to display their business information online, helping them run their business-operation functions with a secure dashboard control panel. Created with the busy small-business owner in mind, this software will also provide multi-function capabilities without additional design or programming.

And the progress doesn’t stop there. While currently located on the third floor of the Cortland Corset Building at 75 E. Court St., Milton is working hard to scale his business. In addition to part-time sales personnel, CNY Point of Sale has reached the milestone of hiring its first full-time employee. And, in the next 12 months, the firm expects to hire two more. CNY Point of Sale also recently announced on Twitter that it has been invited to join the Tech Garden in Syracuse.

As his business continues to expand, Jonathan will continue to work for his small-business customer base — making CNY Point of Sale a great model for how a successful small business can advocate for other local small businesses.

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Advisor’s Business Tip: Early stage entrepreneurs need mentorship. Do not hesitate to reach out to business experts for the information and knowledge you do not yet possess. It will enhance your chances of success.      

Paul Brooks is a certified business advisor with the Onondaga SBDC. Contact him at

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