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Ask the Expert: To Attract the Best Talent, Healthcare Organizations Should Look Inward

Across healthcare organiza­tions, one of the most pressing questions we hear is: "What are the best ways to find and keep talent?" We've found the organizations that attract the highest-potential employees approach recruitment from both the rational and emotional sides.

Leverage both the rational and emotional in healthcare recruitment marketing.

Fulfillment and connection motivate young job seekers.
Through focus groups and in-depth interviews, we learned that many of the people who are attracted to jobs in healthcare desire the emotional satisfaction that comes from helping those in need. Fulfillment and a greater purpose have been known to motivate all workers, but millen­nials and Gen Zin particular.

Use compelling content to sell more than a job.
How can healthcare organiza­tions use this insight? The robust targeting functions on Linkedln and Facebook let you reach specific audiences. But what will set your recruitment apart is the content. Don't just spruce up ajob listing-offer a softer article and a short storytelling video about the fulfillment your jobs provide.

The demand for healthcare workers is growing while the pool of applicants shrinks and the population ages. In this environment, an inward look at your organization's vision and culture can go a long way toward changing your messaging to attract the brightest and best.

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