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Ask the Expert: Security Cameras in the New Age

By Ali Keyzer
Managed Solutions Specialist

Security Cameras have become an integral part of our culture for many years.  In our homes, in our businesses and in our schools.  The way people view security has changed from implementing a solution because of an incident to now looking for a peace of mind when they are away from the property.

The year 2021 has changed how we do business and view education from how we secure our assets, protect our staff and students, and grow our revenue.  Open based IP camera systems have been instrumental in making this all possible with new technology to support the changing landscape in businesses and education. 

As the Security and Surveillance industry has grown and changed over the years the solutions have evolved from closed systems with little off premise support to open platforms with remote integration and cloud-based IP cameras.

System administrators found the need to advance from Analog systems to IP systems; with the advancements in technology IT Professionals were now able to provide end users with a solution to not only satisfy their security needs as well as improve the management and operation of the facility and enhance customer service.

Open Platform

With an open platform solution end users can integrate new technology easily.  An open platform makes it possible for solutions to grow as the end users’ needs evolve and technology to support the systems is enhanced.

Reviewing Incidents

There is nothing more frustrating then finding out about an incident that happened at your location and not being able to search for the incident, find the footage and be able to share it with all who need to see it.  IP Camera systems help to protect employees and outside vendors alike from a liability standpoint.  This solution can assist with confirming if incidents really happened when being accused by a guest or vendor to determine who is correct. 

Insights of the property

Business owners large and small are finding that they need to be in more than one place at once.  Having an IP based solution gives them capability to have views of their property and assets no matter where they are.  These solutions give you peace of mind to keep track of it all whether you are on location or away from the location with full visibility into each property on any device.

Multiuser Capability

Many companies are having staff members wear multiple hats.  Having a solution that gives different team members different levels of security permissions gives those team members ownership of what they can review and have support on multiple levels of the property. Having multiple layers of security permissions also makes it possible for administrators to give vendors access so they can provide support remotely without having to go onsite.