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Ask the Expert: Marketing during this crisis requires a thoughtful approach

The full health, social and economic toll of COVID-19 is still unknown.

Tools brands use to connect with customers-events, trade shows and sponsorships-are on hold for now. Existing marketing campaigns can appear tone deaf It's easy to feel frozen in place, but marketers must stay engaged with customers.
Start by asking this question: What is next? This crisis will pass. Research proves brands that continued communicating during previous national emergencies emerged quicker and stronger.
Communicate with customers and stakeholders. Build relationships. Learn by listening. Look at data on your brand and your competitors. Focus on neglected projects like your website or employee communications. Consider how your brand is positioned in the market. These are sensitive times requiring smart communications.
Social and traditional media consumption is up. Compelling content can set your brand apart. Consumers notice brands with active corporate social responsibility programs. Connecting to relevant causes matters now more than ever.
Seismic shifts are taking place in how people work, how they buy services and what they value in products. What are you doing so customers view your brand with a higher degree of trust, relevance and affection? 

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