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Ask the Expert: In Crisis, Teamwork is Key

When a crisis strikes, you must work fast. And you must work as a team.

Having your crisis team ready beforehand will accelerate your response. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Identify a team and leader:
Create a small, nimble team that includes organizational leaders, communicators and legal advisors. The team should be led by a decision-maker who is empowered to act — and quickly.

2. Plan Ahead: 
Develop a crisis plan that includes identifying crisis triggers in your organization and response protocols.

3. Crisis and legal strategies can co-exist: 
Done correctly, crisis counsel should never jeopardize a legal case. Set protocols for early collaboration with your legal team, because winning in court is useless if you've lost in the court of public opinion.

4. Facts are your friends — find them: 
A crisis team needs access to anyone, at any time, within an organization. Facts are specific, platitudes are ignored. Empower your team too find the facts you need to state your case.

Thanks to social media and today's 24/7 news cycle, information moves faster than ever. Your team needs to be ready to move just as fast.

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