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Ask the Expert: Energy efficiency brings wellness to your workforce

Benefit your bottom line, and your employees’ bodies and minds.

You know that LEED certification means a building is better for the planet, but you may not be aware of the WELL Building Standard, a rating that describes the built environment’s impact on human health and well-being. Energy-efficient HVAC systems (which improve indoor climate and air quality and help boost that rating) can positively impact company profits and personal wellness in your workforce.
Sustainability doesn’t mean you have to do big things. Small things, like eliminating paper and plastic products in your break room, can also make an impact.
Sustainability programs—especially those born from a place of purpose—are more successful than those that are mandated by the company. Empower employees to come up with their own ideas to be energy efficient on the job.
Reduce, recycle, reuse and recruit! Your sustainability story coild be a strong selling point for new talent. Millennials in particular will gravitate to an opportunity that makes them feel pride in their workplace.
Wellness is more than “not being ill.” Find ways for people to feel comfortable and engaged on the job.

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