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ANDRO Computational Solutions to expand with AI machine-learning lab

By Eric Reinhardt


Andrew Drozd, president of ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC, says his company is expanding its operations with an artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation lab. ANDRO is headquartered in Rome. (File photo provided by ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC)

ROME, N.Y. — ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC, which is located at the Beeches Business Park in Rome, is expanding its operations.

The company is launching the Marconi-Rosenblatt artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning innovation lab. It’s named in honor of Guglielmo Marconi and Frank Rosenblatt, two pioneers notable in the fields of radio communications and artificial intelligence, respectively, the firm said in a news release.

Jithin Jagannath, Chris Maracchion and Anu Jagannath of ANDRO will lead the new lab.

ANDRO is using a $1 million state grant for the project, Andrew Drozd, president of ANDRO Computational Solutions, tells BJNN in an email. The grant was approved contingent upon a $1 million company capital, plant, and equipment investment, and additional hiring, Drozd adds.

ANDRO Computational Solutions provides research, engineering, and technical services to the defense and commercial industries.

About the lab

The lab will focus on applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning products for next-generation wireless networking to “advance the state of the art” in Internet-of-Things technologies, space communications and other customer applications.

ANDRO will also apply the products to natural-language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, big-data analytics, brain-computer interfaces and intelligent products for a better AI-enabled future.

The lab’s applied research will directly impact health care, education, transportation, security, smart cities, and defense markets among others.

The expansion will bring up to 10 new jobs to ANDRO over the next six to nine months.

The company is planning a further expansion in the near future to establish a quantum-communications lab and a medical-technology subsidiary called AcceliPHI, which ANDRO expects to announce in the coming months. The company is taking these steps as part of an “incremental plan” to expand and launch additional operations in new commercial ventures.

The combined artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet-of-Things business sector is a trillion-dollar market that “continues to grow as systems are becoming increasingly wireless, autonomous and intelligent.”

Recent contracts to develop autonomous command and control technologies for drone applications, along with “realizing the potential market growth that exists” is the “catalyst” for ANDRO’s expansion.

“This is a significant step in our company’s expansion into new markets building upon our proven success in wireless command, control, communications, cyber, and computational technologies for edge services,” Drozd said in the release. “Jithin Jagannath and the team have successfully leveraged innovative artificial intelligence and wireless communication solutions that are on a fast-track through federal funding of $5 million. Our solutions will benefit a wide variety of military and commercial applications including connected vehicles, smart cities and other autonomous uses. We plan to announce a further expansion in the near future of our quantum communications lab and medical technology research subsidiary as a result of new opportunities that have come our way.”


Established in 1994, the company focuses on research, development, and the application of advanced computer software for spectrum exploitation, secure wireless communications for cognitive radios, multi-sensor and multi-target tracking, advanced radar data fusion, and sensor resource management.

It is headquartered in an approximately 20,000-square-foot space in the Beeches Business Park at One Beeches Place at 7980 Turin Road in Rome.

ANDRO also has offices at the Central New York Biotech Accelerator in Syracuse, as well as in Dayton, Ohio. It also anticipates opening additional offices in Rochester and in Melbourne, Florida, per its release.

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