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VIEWPOINT: 5 Things Confident Professionals Never Do

By Leslie Ehm


It’s said that confidence is the most sought-after thing you can possess. So, why do so many people struggle to attain it professionally in the workplace? Why are some of your colleagues so confident while others seem to be afraid of their own shadow? What does confidence actually look like and what do truly confident people never do? 

Here are just a few things confident people don’t do:

• They never put up a false front: Truly confident people are honest on all accounts, especially when they don’t know something. They’re not afraid to look “dumb” because they know they’re not. They’d rather learn than pretend. Authenticity is more important than false credibility. The best part is they are who they really are on every occasion. 

 They don’t try to be people pleasers: Confident people don’t hold back their beliefs or sugarcoat things. They say what’s on their mind whether others agree or not. They are driven by internal validation. They don’t need your opinion to remind them of their awesomeness. Sure, it’s nice when others appreciate them, but it’s not necessary to their existence. 

• They don’t compare themselves to others: Confident people understand that “comparison is the death of joy.” They are so comfortable in their own skin and so secure in their own abilities, that it doesn’t matter what other people are doing around them. They always play their game and aren’t distracted by other people’s approach or success. 

• They don’t judge or criticize: Truly confident people don’t need to take other people down in order to make themselves feel good. They appreciate and accept the uniqueness in others and know that standing out is a good thing. They’re champions of authenticity, not critics. Even if they disagree with what you have to say, confident people respect your opinions. 

• They don’t hog the spotlight: You may think that a confident person would want to shine in every situation. Stealing the show doesn’t make you confident. It makes you a show-off. In fact, there’s nothing more irresistible than people with quiet confidence. Their actions speak louder than words and that’s all that truly matters.                       

Leslie Ehm is author of the book, “Swagger: Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want.” She also provides training services to companies, with her clients having included Google, Shell, and Honda. Contact Ehm at